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Reinforced mesh 50*50*3,5

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Reinforcing mesh serves to increase the load-bearing capacity of structures by introducing materials with increased strength properties relative to the base material into them. Most construction works with the application of solutions cannot be carried out without reinforcement. The main task of the reinforcement mesh is to increase the strength of the coating and the connection of all construction materials into one monolithic system. It follows from the above that it will not be easy to damage such a system.

the use of reinforcement mesh can be distinguished by several main points:

Screed floors. In almost all cases, floor reinforcement is not superfluous. It will be either leveling or pouring surfaces — the addition of a metal mesh increases the strength characteristics and prevents premature cracking.

Plastering works.In this case, the mesh serves as a connecting link between the base and the plaster. It is used for massive applications of the material, also when working with surfaces with poor adhesion.

Facing works. It can serve as an additional reinforcing and binding element when facing surfaces using tiles, decorative bricks or stone.

Restoration work.It is used for external reinforcement to restore worn surfaces and parts of infrastructure facilities.

Metal reinforcing mesh is made in the same way as masonry – by spot welding of low-carbon steel rods according to specified dimensions in thickness and cell. These parameters are the main ones when selecting a grid for different technological processes. Metal mesh increases the ability of structures to resist external loads. So, when plastering and thin—layer works, it is appropriate to use a wire mesh with a smaller cross section and cell, and vice versa, with a larger amount of mortar and a layer of pouring, a stronger, thicker wire. This is due to the fact that more careful reinforcement is necessary to obtain a stronger surface.

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