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Reinforced mesh 65*65*2,2

Offer type: salePublished: 02.04.2022
Seller:Vakulenko Alena Vladimirovna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Bila Tserkva

Masonry mesh is a metal mesh commonly used as a reinforcing (reinforcing) element both in the construction of buildings and during the application of construction and finishing works. The masonry construction grid is indispensable in many construction works.
Masonry mesh is a mesh that is obtained by contact welding of wires perpendicular to each other with a diameter of 3-6 millimeters. In this case, the wire BP-1 is used. The shapes of the cells in the masonry grid can be square or rectangular. The standard length of the card is two meters, but the width can be completely different. The standard sheets are those corresponding to the size of the brickwork 0,12x2,0m; 0,25x2,0m; 0,38x2,0m; 0,5x2,0m; 0,64x2,0m; 1,0x2,0m, 1x3m, 1x4m, 2x3m, 2x4m, 2x6m.

Very often, the masonry grid is used to reinforce masonry made of brick or reinforcement of reinforced concrete itself. It is also used for reinforcing reinforced concrete, lining pipelines and road surfaces. When finishing the interior, the masonry grid is laid when filling floors, floors, foundations.

The company "Metalbudtrade" offers a wide range of metal grids: masonry and anchor, manufactured according to GOST 23279-85, as well as with various tolerances (economy. offer) both in wire diameters and in cell sizes. At our enterprise it is possible to manufacture non-standard mesh sizes, as well as frames for the production of reinforced concrete rings, ventblocks, fences...

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