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Stationary asphalt plant E-MAK Majestic 260 t/h Turkey

Offer type: salePublished: 29.05.2021
Company:Stroitel'noe Oborudovanie
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The representative of the Turkish company E-MAK (Simge Group Corporation) offers asphalt plants for minimal factory prices.
The ART of European level at affordable price.
Delivery to any region.

The manufacturer conducts installation supervision and personnel training.
All SUBS are certified by EU standards.

Group of companies Simge Group, has been conducting business since 1977, with the aim of producing equipment for production of asphalt mixture and its various applications was established by company E-MAK.

Offer Stationary asphalt mixing plant E-MAK Majestic 260 t/h

Performance parameters:
Subject to the following conditions, the performance of an asphalt plant E-MAK Majestic 260 t/h equal to 260 t/h:
Asphalt plant should be placed at a maximum altitude of 500 m above sea level. The temperature of the incoming in the dryer rubble more than 10 °C.
For the production of asphalt, the outside temperature should be above 5 °C, and for the production of SMA is from 15 °C
The difference in temperatures of the crushed stone 150°C.
Average crushed stone density of 1650 kg/m3.
The maximum diameter of the crushed rock 40 mm.
The specific heat of the rubble of 0.21 kcal/kg°C.
The rubble must be cuboid in shape, not contain foreign bodies and have the right form.
The amount of material passing through a 3 mm sieve rises to 35%
The amount of material passing through an 80 µm-sieve rises to 8%
The moisture content of the mixture is less than 0.3%.
Heat indicator Motorina not less than 10.200 kcal/kg.
The heat rate of natural gas of not less than 7.600 kcal/m3
The production capacity calculated at 5% of the weight of bitumen.
The production error of ±10% depending on ambient temperature and settings.
Test measurements of performance are made by the handle, pour from under the mixer in the truck. In the process of testing a number of chippings must be sufficient to meet the production recipe of the mixture.

Automatic crushing system Challendger – 280 t/h of crushed rock
Closed system preparation of crushed stone – crushing, sifting, storing, discharging.
Works with the ballast material provides up to 50 % savings on associated costs. Allows you to store 300 - 600 tons of gravel in a dry and pure form.
Plant - Hoppers of cool stuff 6-8* 25 m3 each
Prefabricated cold conveyor gravel belt conveyor-feeder of the burner of the dryer
The burner of the dryer 16.650.000 kcal/h

System filler
Mixer -1 Ed. 3 250 kg/batch c electric
Hopper ready mix 2*100 t (Poliksenova type)
+ Side hopper ready asphalt 4*60 t
The performance of the storage of finished asphalt 340 t/h
A hopper for oversize product
Cabin Management system control, power supply 2.4 m*7 m
A dust filtration system 900 m2
Preliminary paleological
Exhaust fan -1 75.000 m3/h
The pneumatic system is 250 l/min
Bitumen capacity (with electric heating or thermal oil) 50 t – 70 t
The insulation materials used and their thickness provides support for the temperature of the bitumen in a long time, without having to re-heat the bitumen.

Hopper mineral powder – 1 unit
In the silo min. a powder level sensor.
Air guns prevent jams min. of powder at the outlet of the silo.
Under the silo has a vibrating discharge node to provide a uniform flow of powder min. Vibrating unloading unit is connected to the main body by a flexible pipe.
Capacity : 30 t

Unit for the production of SMA
Capacity: 2 m3
Lid-driven pneumatic piston
The Cold recycling unit 50 t/h
- Powder Supplement
- Liquid supplements
- Tap for PAR

Guarantee of 12 months.

The manufacturer conducts installation supervision and training of staff (this is all included in the cost of the plant).