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Flexible power cable KG,REAG

Offer type: salePublished: 15.02.2020
Seller:Ol'ga Nikolaevna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

KG 4x 1.5

Power cable flexible KG, equipped with stranded copper conductors and insulation rubber into a rubber shell KG, designed for connection of mobile mechanisms to electric grids that support AC nominal voltage 660V frequency up to 400 Hz. CTG - non-flammable. KG 4x2,5 KG 4x4 KG 4x6 KG 4x10 KG 4x16 KG 4x25 KG 4х35 KG 4x50 KG 4х70 KG 5x1,5 KG 5x2,5 KG 5x4 KG 5x6 KG 5x10 KG 5x16 KG 5x25 KG 5х35 KG 5x50 KG 3x2,5+1x1,5 KG 3x4+1x2,5 KG 3x6+1x4 KG 3x10+1x6 KG 3х16+1x6 KG 3х16+1x10 KG 3x25+1x10 KG 3x25+1x16 KG 3х35+1x10 KG 3х35+1x16 KG 3x50+1x16 KG 3x50+1x25 KG 3х70+1x25 KG 3х95+1х35 KG 3х95+1х50