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Wholegrain spelt air, inflated, blown up

Offer type: salePublished: 21.02.2019
Price:130 UAH
Company:FOP KRUT'
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Selydove

Spelt, or spelt wheat - deseleccionar the ancestor of modern durum wheat. Much less fruitful and is incomparably difficult in processing (as spelt) in comparison with commercial varieties of wheat. Therefore, were driven from the field of agriculture as a low-profit culture.
But today in search of hypoallergenic and biologically "rich" foods nutritionists are increasingly returning to the study of the forgotten relict crops. This cereal was and spelt. About spelt already written a lot, and who cares about their diet - know about its benefits.
Puffed grains spelt is a whole grain with no additives is subjected to moisture-thermal short-time processing. As a result of which the grain like "inflated", it becomes a light, crunchy (like popcorn). The starch undergoes a gelatinization process (i.e. cooked) and is partially decomposed to simple digestible sugars. The energy value increases.
But unlike popcorn, we don't apply any oils or "unhealthy additives".
The product is ready to eat as a snack or as a dish in quick cooking type Breakfast cereal (pour milk, yogurt, etc.).
The product can be used as a semifinished product in the production of brittles, as a component in mixes, cereals, granola, energy bars, mixed with honey, as decoration and topping for pastries...

Listed retail price for 1kg.

There is a progressive system of discounts from volume to wholesale buyers.

We invite to cooperation of confectionery enterprises interested in healthy foods.