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Jari Oil

Offer type: salePublished: 06.02.2020
Seller:Frankova Katerina Oleksandrivna
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Address:Lutsk, Volyns'ka Oblast', Ukraine


Physical form: solution

Warranty period: 36 months

Storage temperature: +5...+35°C


- contains in its composition a balanced and increased the number of items power;

compatible with most pesticides;

- increases the yield and its quality indicators;

- provides resistance of plants to diseases;

- increases frost resistance of winter rape;

- evenly distributed between pubescent and waxy surfaces of plants.

Culture - Sunflower, canola, flax, mustard, etc

The flow rate of the drug - 1,0-2,0 l/ha

Processing method - Foliar feeding

Period of application - Spraying for vegetation

Maximum number of treatments- 3

The rate of working substance: 250-300 l/ha.

Improve backward compatibility with other drugs:

In regulatory standards the product is compatible with most pesticides, used on crops of oilseed crops. However, in each case you need to check the drug compatibility.

Recommendations for use: oilseeds demanding a balanced mineral nutrition and is characterized by high level. elements of mineral nutrition. The preparation meets the needs of the group of oilseeds cultures and is recommended for use on sunflower in the phase of 6-8 pairs of leaves and in the phase of formation of the basket, on the rapeseed at the beginning of stooling and a phase budding.


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