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Are you searching for winch LPG-150 LPH-150М1, LPG-3000A, LPG-2, LPG-1500, LPG-4, LPG-300

Offer type: buyPublished: 28.02.2018
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Are you searching for winch LPG-150, LPG-150М1, LPG-150M2, LPG-3000, LPG-3000A, LPG-2, LPG-150, LPG-1500, LPG-4, LPG-1500A, LPG-300, at a reasonable price.
Looking for accessories to winch LPG-150М1, LPG-150M2, others...
The electric motor D-500T
Control box winch CUL-2 сер2 Sat.10
Remote control winch PUL-1A .Сб0
Handle for manual control LPG-2.Сб27
Winch lifting LPG-150M (option 1)