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Guillotine shears НА3222, 16*3150мм,

Offer type: salePublished: 25.02.2018
Seller:Vasilij Pavlovich
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The largest size cut sheet: -thickness 16 mm-length 3200 mm

Maximum cutting force of 100,000 kg

The number of strokes of the upper knife in a minute 30

The angle of inclination of the upper knife 2 degrees 10 minutes

The stroke of upper knife 145mm

The distance between the racks (in the light) 3250 mm

The maximum width of the strip cut with the back gauge 1000 mm

The maximum width of the strip cut with the front gauge 1500 mm R

the length of the leg from the cut line to the racks (flight) 500 mm

Distance from the floor to the top edge of the lower knife 800 mm

Nominal effort clamping beams 24000 kg

Adjustment of knife beam height 25 mm

The electric motor drive -type АОС2-72-4 -power 28,5 kW-number of revolutions per minute 1400 adjustment Motor, rear focusing -type АОЛ2-21-4 -power 1.1 kW -speed 1400 minute

Overall dimensions of the scissors in the plan-length 4730 mm-width 3550 mm-height 2600 mm

Weight 33000 kg