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Storage capacity of petroleum products of PVC (plastic container)

Offer type: salePublished: 23.02.2018
Price:100 000 RUR
Company:OOO TK Neftetank
Seller:Eap Krestina
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Manufacturer of industrial tanks and fabrication tanks is a priority for manufacturing companies Neftetank. Our company also provides the following services:

Erection of tanks and reservoirs

Dismantling of tanks and reservoirs

Service tanks and reservoirs

Repair of tanks and reservoirs

Diagnostics of tanks and reservoirs

Operation of tanks and reservoirs

Fuel capacity – neftetank is the latest generation of soft tanks (and other names flexible tank, polymer tank, polymer tank elastic, soft fuel capacity, rubber tank, rubber tank, tank in PVC, capacity of PVC). To buy a tank of fuel or more precisely to buy soft capacity fuel storage in the office of the company and dealers in the regions. Soft capacity for storage of oil and oil products in demand at remote sites, and when carrying out temporary jobs when you need to quickly drain the fluid or to make a temporary fuel supply and fuel. The basic layout of the tanks always in stock:

Soft capacity 1 m3

Soft capacity 3 m3

Soft capacity 5 m3

Soft capacity 10 m3

Soft capacity 20 m3

Soft capacity of 25 m3

Soft capacity 30 m3

Soft capacity 50 m3

Soft capacity 75 m3

Soft capacity 100 m3

Soft capacity of 150 m3

Soft capacity 200 m3

Soft capacity 250 m3

Buy capacity for storage of fuel with a discount or simply to know the cost of the tank for fuel storage by sending a request from the site or by calling the above number.

In standard models of tanks there are discounts, for example the moment:

Stretchy tank 25 m3 price reduced

Stretchy tank 50 m3, the price is reduced

Stretchy tank 100 m3 the price is reduced

Tank PEER – polymer elastomeric reservoir made of polymeric material that is resistant to petroleum products. However, it is the model tank PEER may not always be resistant to water and that therefore, you should choose a new generation of soft tanks neftetank. Neftetank – soft fuel capacity which you can buy in the company the same name Neftetank. PEER reservoirs and tanks neftetank are made of different materials with different properties and that's why we advise you to pay attention to the difference of structures and material, which the company Neftetank exclusive and manufacture of tanks occurs according to the patented technology.