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Bolt BSR amancruises spacer with a wedging element GOST 28778-90

Offer type: salePublished: 22.02.2018
Price:160 RUR
Seller:Artur, Vorozin
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Bolt BSR GOST 28778-90 amancruises spacer (BSR) with a wedging element. Produce bolts amancruises spacer (BSR) steel, with a wedging element. Climatic versions U3.1, and UHLS U3 according to GOST 15150. Designed to secure parts of building structures, pipelines, equipment etc. to concrete, reinforced concrete and brick structures of buildings and structures. Details of the BSR climate versions v3.1 are made of steels used for bolts strength class 4.6 and higher according to GOST 1759.4, and versions U3 and WHLS - steel used for Foundation bolts according to GOST 24379.0-80. Wedging element (ZE) BSR is a spiral wound from a tape according to GOST 503. Coating BSR - chemical oxidation.