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NeoCHROM gas chromatograph-HID

Offer type: salePublished: 21.02.2018
Price:20 000 $
Seller:Steklenyov Andrej
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Development of the Ukrainian company NeoCHROM - gas chromatograph with universal highly sensitive helium ionization detector (GID). It universal device for measuring the concentration of any except neon, substances in the gas phase by gas chromatography. The limit of detection of 50-100 times better than the detector thermal conductivity and, depending on the substance 1.5–5 times better than the PID. Used in for the analysis of trace permanent gases (for example, in the production of high-purity technical gases). Also, the GUIDE will be interesting in the analysis of organic substances containing heteroatoms (for example, short chain alcohols, aldehydes and ketones).

Thus, NeoCHROM gas chromatograph with a detection module HID (GID) allows to determine with high sensitivity compounds of different nature, using with one single detector and carrier gas - helium.