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Automated sand-blasting installation

Offer type: salePublished: 21.02.2018
Price:420 000 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Rostov oblast', Rostov-on-Don
Surface treatment of glass, metal, stone, loose abrasive materials. Ideal for printing stencil and solid glass matting. -The workpiece is stationary, moving the camera is a possibility of damage to the back side of the workpiece. - Visual control of treated surfaces. - System of illumination of the working area. - Flexible system of regulation of processing modes. - Nozzle is made from boron carbide. Operation life up to 1000 hours. - Repeated use of the abrasive - System of forced removal of dust from the work area. - Ability to use both film and a metal reusable templates. - The lack of statics. - Aspiration system of air recuperation. - Bubbling system. - All equipment comes pre-assembled and ready to use, you need to include in the socket 220 and to sum up the air. - To transport – fits in the "Gazelle" can take on the organization of delivery to the customer. Term of operation is 15 years Comes ready assembled - "turnkey". It is possible to manufacture to order in any configuration according to requirements specification of the client.