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Service lift (small Elevator) restaurant lift / Elevator

Offer type: salePublished: 18.02.2018
Company:SPD Bondar'
Seller:Bondar' Roman Valentinovich
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
The main function malogruzovaja service lift is to transport from floor to floor of the cargo of a small volume and weight. In General, it can be compared with a small freight Elevator, however, compared with last service lift has a more advantageous cost, and also by the individual manufacturer, depending on customer needs. Thus, when creating booths for such equipment, taking into account all sanitary norms. In almost any place where their use is justified. For example, most often such equipment can be found in restaurants, shops, banks, medical institutions, schools, kindergartens and even private homes. If the room is there is a shortage of space for installation of the service lift, it can be installed from the outside of the building. The basis of the whole structure is a steel-framed vertical shaft, which is made of stainless steel. It inside her and the movement of cargo crates on rails by a motor-reducer. It can be top or bottom or side at a surface mine or completely Autonomous from her.
Support the basis on which you are installing the lift may be flat in shape or in the form of a pit. Push posts provide the equipment. There is a possibility to produce also trim mine at the request of the customer.
If the lift is mounted in the interior of the building, this is done at the opening of the floors or finished the mine of the customer. But other than that, valid is and the device the service lift at the outer part of the building. However, it must be met certain conditions. So, must be used in communicating the crate when the load in the cargo compartment from one side and unloading on the other.Work throughout Ukraine (Odessa)