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Steel rope double twist rope, type LK-z black and galvanized

Offer type: salePublished: 16.02.2018
Price:150 RUR
Seller:Andrej, Litvinov
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Steel wire rope double twist rope, type LK-z. Selling ropes of a type LK-z. The double lay rope type LK-3, GOST 7665-80, GOST 7667-80. The double lay rope GOST 7665-80 used for elevators, hoists, skip hoists of blast furnaces, lesopogruzochnaya machines. The double lay rope type LK-3, GOST 7667-80 is used for inclined shaft hoisting plants, road machines, metallurgical cranes. With us you can always buy a double lay rope, type LC-3. The availability of products in stock. Black and galvanized by groups "S", "F" and "coolant". Freight and gruzolyudskie (for lifts). Deliver ropes to Russia own transport, and sent by rail or transport companies. Cut ropes into pieces from 100 p. M. Supply wire GOST 3282, 7372, 9389, welding wire, barbed wire, welded mesh, wicker, woven, stainless, TSPVS, ropes GOST 2688, GOST 7668, 7669 GOST, GOST 3062, GOST 13840, etc., hardware, electrodes, slings, nails.