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Sensor TR-OM5-01 -35 -5...Sensor TR-OM5-09 +60...+160

Offer type: salePublished: 15.02.2018
Company:ChP 'AVITEH'
Seller:Sergej Dmitrievich
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

Sensor TR-OM5-01 -35 -5...Sensor TR-OM5-09 +60...+160
Designed for use in refrigeration and other systems to monitor and control the temperature.

TR-OM5-01 -35 -5...

TR-OM5-09 +60...+160

Sensor-relay temperature, TR-OM5 is a completing item refrigeration ships of sea and river fleet and refrigeration units used for railway and road rolling stock and are designed for automatic on-off control temperature.

Controlled environments: coolants, air, water, brine, oils, etc., non-corrosive to steel, brass and lead-tin solders to.

The principle of operation is based on the use of the pressure sensitive filler system temperature controlled environment and uravnoveshivanie force generated by this pressure on the bottom of the bellows, the force of elastic deformation of the bellows and springs.

The change in temperature controlled environment surrounding the bulb, is perceived by the filler and converted into a pressure change, which is disrupting the balance of forces, acts through the bellows to the linkage and the contact group, producing the switching of the device contacts.

Technical data of the device:

The device performances of TR-OM5-00...0,4 available with dead zone, directed in the direction of increasing temperature kontroliruemoi environment relative to the set point.

The device performances of TR-OM5-06,08,09 available with dead zone, napravlennyi aside ponizenie temperature controlled environment relative to the set point.

The performance of the bulb:

- for performances of TR-OM5-00..04, 06, 08 : with fitting and without fitting to control liquid and gazoobraznykh environments.

- for device performance TR-OM5-09: with protective housing and a fitting for attaching the bulb to the installation site (for control of ammonia temperature); without protective cover with fitting for mounting the bulb on the mounting (temperature control liquid and gaseous media); without protective cover and fitting ( for prisoedineniya of the bulb into the pad).