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Implementation of used equipment

Offer type: salePublished: 15.02.2018
Seller:Oleg Vladimirovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Yaroslavskaya Oblast', Yaroslavl

Company Titan sells used equipment:

The nutap MAS-33 NV-TR nut-tapping machine, 1990;

LZ-269Ф2 universal cylindrical grinding machine, 1991, V.;

Heckert SZ 12-10-04 / 15.2-7.1 hollow grinding machine, 1984 G. V., table 1450*4000 mm;

53В30 milling machine, 1993, V.;

OP-37Н3 vertical milling machine CNC table 800х3000;

OP-17СМН vertical milling machine, CNC;

FP-17 vertical milling machine, CNC;

RP-55 multi-purpose milling machine, 1990;

НА3121 (13х2000 mm) scissors crank (guillotine metal);

И2220 (10х2000 mm) three-roll plate bending rolls, 1967, V.;

Н483 (32х3200 mm) scissors crank sheet rotor, 1981 V.;

K10.1.18.01 analogue НГ6Г.02 hydraulic shears, 1995, V.;

3100/25 MVS hydraulic shear;

ИВ1330 press brake, 1988 V.;

VM-127М vertical milling machine used, 2003, V.;

TOS WHN-9B horizontal boring machine, 1984, V.;

KuPY-630 hydraulic press used, 1962 G. V., the force 630 ton, stroke the slide 600 mm, maximum distance between table and slide mm 1400; the table surface 1400 mm;

FNK-25 TOS versatile milling machine;

PeTeWe PFS-4u optimalny machine b/y, 1979, V.;

395МФ10 optimalny machine;

E3N-01, he E3N-750 lathe, 1984, V.;

BOMAR STG 230 GA500 band saw machine;

676П versatile milling machine;

16К40Ф101 lathe, screw-cutting, 1986, V.;

16K20 (RMC 1400 mm) engine lathe, 1975, V.;

3Л722А surface grinding machine;

3Е642Е universal tool grinder, 1987, V.;

3Д642Е universal grinding machine, 1986, V.;

1Н65-5 lathe, screw-cutting, 1991, V.;

1М65-3 screw-cutting lathe;

1М63-3 engine lathe, number 2, 1976, and 1977 V.;

3601 1, analog 3601Б, 360M, 3М601Ф1 grinding machine universal, 1979 G. V.;

Mikron UCP-600 vertical milling machining center 5 axial, 2000, V.;

Н1434 scissors for cutting area, 1976 V.;

КД2328 (63 tons) single-crank press;

К1430 single-crank press with a movable table; a brief characteristic: nominal force 100 tons; slide stroke 130 mm; the distance between table and slide 560 mm; table size width*length 560*850 mm; as complete.

PEE-250 / II ERFURT single-crank press, 1985. V.;.

2М55 radial drilling machine;

3Е756 surface grinding machine with round table, 1993, V.;

3А230 semi-automatic internal grinding, 1979, V.;

2А660 horizontal boring machine, 1963 V.

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