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Have grosotto ТК70 GOST 3063 80 f 11,0 mm G-b-C-N-R-T 1770 galvanized

Offer type: salePublished: 14.02.2018
Price:150 RUR
Seller:Sergej, Ozerov
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Have grosotto brands of TC 35, TC 50 and TC 70 (galvanized steel wire rope, f to 8.1 f 9.1 and f 11,0 mm according to GOST 3063-80). Manytomany rope one HUNDRED 71915393-TU 062-2008 f 8,0 - 22,5 mm. Galvanized by group "C", "W", "coolant". Used to protect power lines from direct lightning strike. Carry out the cutting of the ground wire into pieces of the required length from the 100 p. M. In addition, the supplied mechanical fasteners, wire t/o and t/n according to GOST 3282-74, steel mesh, cables, electrodes and other metalware.