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Compressor refrigeration 1ПБ7 and 1ПБ10

Offer type: salePublished: 14.02.2018
Company:OOO PP 'Kompressor'
Seller:Il'in Dmitrij Aleksandrovich
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Compressor refrigeration "1ПБ7" and "1ПБ10" from the manufacturer. The products are certified. The installation and commissioning. 12 month warranty. Favorable price. Delivery. Order from us!
Compressor refrigeration "1ПБ7" and "1ПБ10»

Compressors "1ПБ7" and "1ПБ10" – designed for use in air conditioners, refrigerating machines and refrigerating installations.
The compressors operate with condenser water cooling without air blowing, and air-cooled condensers. However, they can be subjected to blowing air from the condenser.

Design of refrigeration compressors "1ПБ7" and "1ПБ10" differ only in the type of embedded motor.
Features: 1ПБ7 1ПБ10
The diameter of the piston, mm 67,5 67,5
Stroke mm 50 50
The described piston volume, m3/h 21 32
Number of cylinders 2 2
Refrigeration (freon R22) kW 8,5 14
Dry weight, kg 115+4% 122+4%
Overall dimensions, mm 600х370х460 600х370х460

The company ensures the compliance of the compressor with the requirements of technical conditions under the conditions of installation, operation, transportation and storage.

The warranty period of compressor operation – 12 months from the date of commissioning.

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