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Compressor refrigeration 1H10

Offer type: salePublished: 14.02.2018
Company:OOO PP 'Kompressor'
Seller:Il'in Dmitrij Aleksandrovich
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Compressor refrigeration "1H10". The products are certified. The installation and commissioning. Favorable price. Delivery. Order from us!
Compressor refrigeration "1H10»

Compressor "1H10" piston, vertical, single-stage gland. Refrigeration compressor "1H10" is one of the main elements of refrigeration unit. The compressor is designed to work as a part of stationary and marine refrigeration units to operate at ambient temperature from 5 to 45ºC.

Characteristics of the compressor:

The cylinder diameter of 67.5 mm
The piston stroke is 50 mm
Number of cylinders – 2
Cooling capacity 12.6 kW at rated speed of 1440 rpm
The cooling capacity of 8.8 kW at rated speed of 960 rpm
Kind of drive through the coupling or belt transmission

The company ensures the compliance of the compressor with the requirements of technical conditions under the conditions of installation, operation, transportation and storage.

The warranty period of compressor operation – 12 months from the date of commissioning.