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Professional conditioners Cooper&Hunter

Offer type: salePublished: 13.02.2018
Price:540 $
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

You need a quality air conditioner?
We offer you to pay attention to Cooper&Hunter on ARCTIC El series INVERTER (WI-FI).
Equipment refers to the professional class. The heat pump has adapted to warm to 25°C. Works on a special algorithm that makes it possible to be effective at low temperatures on the street.
Features of Cooper&Hunter in heated ARCTIC series INVERTER:
- on heating from -25°C to +24°;
- cooling from -15°C to +48°C;
- energy efficiency class - A +++;
- the compressor works on the technology of DAIKIN;
compressor works stably at very low frequencies (1Hz) due to the technology G-Matrik;
- the range of work 96В-260V;
- the remote control has a built-in temperature sensor;
- with minimum power consumption is maintained at a temperature of +8°C;
- internal display unit and the remote control are illuminated;
- Wi-Fi module allows you to control equipment via tablet and smartphone;
- controller of fan speed;
- the crankcase of the compressor and the outdoor unit of the pan is heated;
- self-diagnostic system;
- indoor unit self-cleaning;
- the case of the outdoor unit is resistant to corrosion;
filter of "Cold plasma»;
- in standby mode power consumption 45 watts.
We offer our clients favorable terms of purchase. Installation carried out by qualified workers. Give a guarantee on the equipment and carry out a variety of work relating to the service.
We are waiting for You.
Tel.: (067) 961-47-31, (093) 007-86-16. Marjan.