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Waste reception and removal, find out the cost in Kiev. We can take waste paper and cardboard at a high price

Offer type: buyPublished: 11.02.2018
Price:2 500 UAH
Company:Kooperator 2000 - Priem i vyivoz makulaturyi v Kieve
Seller:Primak Lyudmila
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Each the company is in the process of its work accumulates a certain amount of waste paper. In some companies a large part is office paper, archival documentation, in others it may be a waste corrugated packaging or packaging: carton, paper packaging, plastic film. Store it in the warehouse, taking up useful place -not economically viable, as a result of this advisable periodically take it to the recyclables. Company cooperator 2000 providesthe export of waste paper and other secondary raw material on own transport, so if you're still undecided and looking for a reliable partner in the matter recycling – You can turn to us for help.