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Lifts from Belarus . Under Your order.

Offer type: salePublished: 09.02.2018
Seller:Nikolaj Dmitrievich
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Minsk
We offer You new elevators from Belarus . Under Your order.
Passenger , freight , hospital ,cottage ,fire,automobile .
 passenger Elevator
Passenger elevators are manufactured with load capacity 225, 300, 320, 400, 500, 630, 1000 and 1275 kg with speed up to 2 m/s inclusive.
They are designed for installation in residential, public and administrative buildings, hotels, banks and offices.
Manufactured with upper and lower location of machine apartment, and also some models not having the machinery spaces.
It is possible to manufacture elevators in seismic design.

freight Elevator.
Available capacity 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3200, 5000 and 6300 kg with the speed of 0,22; 0,25; 0,4 and 0,5 m/s.
Designed for the transport of goods with a guide and without it. Are installed in public buildings and industrial plants (warehouses, shops, restaurants, etc.).
These freight elevators:
made in the ordinary performance, release and monorail;
easy to install and maintain;
have perfect microprocessor-based control station;
equipped with cabin, high tensile strength;
cabin doors - solid sliding doors - hinged (lifts PG-241М have a vertically sliding landing doors with manual opening);
lift g/p 1000 kg (lift GW 1025) doors and cab – automatic.
Mastered the production of freight elevators in accordance with GOST R 53780-2010, which establish the slatted door of the cabin of the "Bostig".


Manufactures of hospital elevators with load capacity 500, 630, 1000 and 1275 kg for installation in hospitals. They allow you to transport bed-patients. Made with passable and impassable booth.
Hospital elevators meet the requirements of Technical regulations of the Customs Union 011/2011 "Safety of elevators", Technical regulations on elevators (Ukraine).
Hospital elevators by a carrying capacity 630, 1000 and 1275 kg with automatic doors and have the mode of transportation in fire subsections. Hospital lift 500 kg capacity (LB-0505) is manufactured with sliding cabin doors (manual opening) and the door hinged.
Mastered the production of a new model of hospital elevators with load capacity 1600 kg, v=1.0 m/s with cabin size 1400х2400х2100 mm and a doorway is 1300 mm (the cabin in the passing and failing versions).
Developed and tested hospital lift carrying capacity 2000 kg, v=1.0 m/s with cabin size 1500х2700х2100 mm and a doorway is 1300 mm (the cabin in the passing and failing versions)
The price for the lift depends on its configuration and performance characteristics.
The price is negotiable .
Write , call , or send us your orders .
What You need , shipping a vehicle at the buyer's expense.
Call, write, all of You will agree on Skype.

Skupe - Nikolaidmitr
Phone: +375 296 66 17 55

Minsk ,Belorussia.
With Respect to You.

Nikolai Dmitrievich.