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Electricity meter NP07 1F 1SMU Add energy

Offer type: salePublished: 03.07.2018
Price:1 960 UAH
Company:PP Sistema
Seller:Dmitrij Nikolaevich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

The counter NP-07 1F.1SM-U single-phase multi-tariff electricity meter is designed to measure the current power and the consumed electric energy in single-phase AC circuits currents. The meter has the ability to disable a user from the network in the case an excess of the limit of the company's debt-to-electricity supplier again to connect the consumer with the full repayment of the debt.

The meter supports information exchange with the device of data collection and transmission router for PL-project (network of 0.4 kV). The multirate function only works when the presence of the router in the system and when a good bond with him.

The meter counts down the current time and determines the calendar date. Absolute error hours the meter does not exceed ± 5 s per day over the entire temperature range, standard care hours at 25°C – ± 0,5 s / day (subject to work through router.) The counter records the cumulative value of the total energy consumption and values of energy in four tariff zones, depending on the time of day and given work, weekends and special days. The duration of tariff zones can be configured.

The counter keeps nonvolatile memory:

• the value of the total energy consumption;

• value of consumption at tariff zones;

• list of tariff zones;

• list of special days;

• balance consumer's;

• hourly slices powers.

When the power channel accounting keeps all existing data and resume your work mode when power is restored. The meter carries out self-monitoring and monitoring of the quality of communication in PL trunk.

Shelf life is set to 6 months from the date of manufacture of the meter.

Guarantee service life - 36 months from the date of commissioning.

Calibration interval - 6 years.

There are all models of the counter NP-07.