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Parketoshlifovalnye machine WITH 301

Offer type: salePublished: 07.02.2018
Seller:Mel'nichuk Stanislav Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Rivnens'ka Oblast', Rivne

Parketoshlifovalnye machine WITH 301


Machine CO-301 intended for grinding parquet and other wooden floors, as well as for purification of dirt and varnish. Machine available in two models working from the mains AC frequency 50 Hz: CO-301 single-phase drive (220V); CO-301.1, with three-phase drive (380).

Distinctive hell this machine are endless belts, allowing to improve the process of polishing and more clean to treat the surface of one excavation machine, to extend the use of the sandpaper. Quick change of sandpaper is made from the side of the machine through the mechanism of a tension roller without the use of additional devices.

Varying the radii of curvature of the tension of the skin throughout its length to provide self-cleaning the belt sander from wood waste in the process. Special the rubber coating of the drum prolongs the service life of the sandpaper and improves the quality of floor treatment. The pressure of the drum on the treated the surface is regulated by screw and spring.

In depending on the requirements of the machined surface are used abrasive paper of different grits.

For comfort provided by the height-adjustable stand that also disassembled for transport.

technical parameters

the performance of 42 m2/h

cutting width 200 mm

drum diameter 150 mm

the drum speed 2400 rpm./mines'

dimensions 885x355x900 mm

operating voltage 220/380

motor power 2.2 kW

power consumption 2.9 kW

weight 67 kg