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Machine parketoshlifovalnye WITH 206

Offer type: salePublished: 07.02.2018
Seller:Mel'nichuk Stanislav Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Rivnens'ka Oblast', Rivne

 Machine parketoshlifovalnye WITH 206 parketoshlifovalnye WITH - 206 (CO-206.1)


Machine CO - 206  intended for             grinding parquet and other wooden floors, as well as for purification of old paint, varnish and contaminants.

Housing machine is a one-piece casting, made of aluminum alloy, with the suction nozzle and a snail fan. With this design produced by grinding wood dust is sucked away by a fan in dust collector.

Sander the drum – work on cars — cantilever mounted on the conical part of the shaft nut, ensuring the dismantling of the drum without the use of additional devices'. Coating the cylindrical surface of the drum is made of sponge rubber with a smooth supple surface ensures a tight the fit of the sandpaper, thereby increasing its service life and improving the quality of the treated surface. The pressure of the drum onto the surface adjustable nut and the spring. Free access to the drum is ensured the front cover, which is easily lifted and fixed in the extreme positions. The parallel position of the drum relative to the workpiece is achieved by setting the lateral wheels at equal height with clowning.

Design the machine also provides the opportunity to clean the floor as close off the walls. In order to avoid the drum beats on the wall or the plinth on the front cover a special restrictive rollers.

Machine available in two versions:-206 — with a single-phase (220V) and SO-206.1 — three phase (380 V) drive.

technical parameters

the performance of 42 sq. m./hour

cutting width 200 mm

working voltage 220 V

electric motor power 2,2 kW

total weight 70 kg