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Counter, SJOA-65

Offer type: salePublished: 07.02.2018
Company:ChP 'AVITEH'
Seller:Sergej Dmitrievich
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

Counter fluid SGUA-65 is used in the petroleum, petrochemical, and other industries, as well as on stationary and mobile filling the units, they are produced according to GOST 12671-81.

Counter fluid SGUA-65 with oval gears provide a measure of the total number and the record for single fluid flow.

The letter "a" in the code of the device indicates that the meter is designed to measure the flow of aggressive liquids.

Counter, SJOA-65 is recommended for flow measurement

  • ammonia's,
  • aniline,
  • peroxides of sodium, potassium, barium and hydrogen,
  • barium chloride,
  • boric acid,
  • butyl alcohol,
  • dichloroethane's,
  • maleic acid,
  • butyric acid,
  • sea water,
  • propionic and carbonic acid,
  • phenol's,
  • formaldehyde's,
  • ethyl alcohol
  • and to measure the flow of liquids containing traces of these substances.

Technical characteristics of the meters fluid SGUA-65 with oval gears:


Diameter of conditional pass, mm

Controlled environment

Accuracy class

Overall dimensions, mm

Weight, kg


Viscosity, m2/s

Pressure, MPa

Temperature, °C


Sixty five

Aggressive liquid

0,55·...10-6 300·10-6





Eighty six



Counter oil SGUA-65, the Counter fluid SGUA-65, the Counter SGUA-65, the Counter aggressive environment, SJUA-65, the Counter to account oil, SJUA-65, the Counter oil, SHIU-65, the Counter liquid SIU-65, Counter SHIU-65.