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Counter VZHU-100

Offer type: salePublished: 07.02.2018
Company:ChP 'AVITEH'
Seller:Sergej Dmitrievich
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Counter VZHU-100:

The fuel meter (fuel Meter, VIU-100) is widely used in fuel installations for various purposes for flow measurement liquids with viscosity from 0,55 up to 300 sq mm/s Under this category various liquid fuels like gasoline and diesel.

Structurally, the flowmeter VZHU-100 is a closed a cylindrical body with two prisoners inside the cone extruders arranged in the opposite direction. On the body set the counting mechanism in the form of a dial with a needle and disk pointers or device, sending and receiving signals from a digital controller that allows simultaneous control in addition to the single and the total volume of fuel instant consumption.

The principle of operation of the flowmeter VZHU-100

Multidirectional screws inside the case is a constant engagement. Thus always enclosed between them an equal number fuels. The flow of fluid causes the screws to move, and they rotate, flowing through the device with each revolution of the bounded volume. At a magnetic clutch the rotation of the blades is transmitted to the measuring the mechanism, which is provided with two switches, and disk pointers. The spin box arrows indicate a one-time consumption of fuel (or other fluid), and on disks total.

Specifications counter oil VZHU-100:

Key indicators of the device can be found from the name: 100 mm– nominal bore, 1.6 MPa – maximum allowable pressure In – screw. There are modifications designed for more high blood pressure, as well as models with different tolerance class – 0.25 and 0.5. Other technical characteristics that has counter VZHU-100 are given in the table.
Accuracy class Range of fuel viscosity, mm2/s
0,55-1,1 1,1-6,0 6,0-60 60-300
Consumption, m3/h
Min. Norms. Max. Min. Norms. Max. Min. Norms. Max.
0,25 18 120 180 18 120 180 18 120 180
0,5 15 120 180 15 120 180 15 120 180
The price of division of the Maximum Allowable pressure fluid temperature accuracy Class Weight,
Mechanical counter electric
10 l 1 l 1.6 MPa -50... +50 0,25; 0,5 45 kg

Mounting dimensions VZHU-100

This counter VZHU recommended to install on the stationary elements fuel installations and mobile toplivnikami structures at protecting it from the harmful effects of sunlight and precipitation. To achieve maximum accuracy and enhance operational characteristics of PPV 100 1 6 directly in front of him you must install a filter to prevent the ingress the inside of the machine fine solid particles.