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FDB 2617 MM belt sander for wood belt edge flat FDB Maschinen mm 2617 machinery

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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

FDB MM 2617 angle bending machine for wood used in carpentry and furniture industry to produce products of varying complexity, including grinding joinery various forms and geometrically complex parts of furniture.

The main parameters of the FDB MM 2617:

  • Engine power: 4 kW
  • The wheel speed: 2890 rpm
  • Speed of sanding belt: 18m/sec
  • Size of sanding belt: mm 3120х170
  • Desktop size: 1175х245 mm
  • Machine dimensions: mm 800х620х1100
  • Machine weight: 350 kg

Distinctive features of FDB MM 2617:

  • Two working surfaces to extend its capabilities to MM2617 set two tables – front and back.
  • Processing non-standard parts, due to the fact that both of the machine table can be tilted at an angle, it is possible to process even non-standard workpiece.
  • Simple workspace setup and adjustment mechanism of the tables makes it easy to control their angle and height.
  • Provided the slope of both the front and rear of the desktop, which greatly facilitates the processing of nonstandard parts.
  • A simple and affordable mechanism to adjust the angle of desktop and adjustment of the desktop height.
  • Special nozzle allows you to connect to this machine struzhkolom (hood).

All machines have a warranty period of 1 year, provide services for warranty and post-warranty service.

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