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Sell fan 35ВО-2,5-1; 220ВО-6-2; 59ВО-6-2; 18ВО-1-1; 35ВО-1,5-1;

Offer type: salePublished: 07.02.2018
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Sell fan 35ВО-2,5-1 (UAD-52-ED) ; 220ВО-6-2 (UAD-74) ; 59ВО-6-2 ; 18ВО-1-1 (UAD-32-ED) ; 35ВО-1,5-1 (UAD-52-ED) ;
With storage sell axial fans:
fan 59ВО-6-2;
fan 220ВО-6-2 with electric motor UAD-74;
fan 18ВО-1-1 with an electric motor UAD-32-ED;
fan 35ВО-1,5-1 with an electric motor UAD-52-ED;
fan 35ВО-2,5-1 with an electric motor UAD-52-ED;

Sell fan 59ВО6-2; 18ВО1-1; 35ВО1,5-1; 35ВО2,5-1; 220ВО6-2;
Sell fan 59ВО.6.2; 18ВО.1.1; 35ВО.1,5.1; 35ВО.2,5.1; 220ВО.6.2;
Sell fan 59-6-2; 18-IN-1-1; 35-1,5-1; 35-AND 2.5-1; 220-6-2;