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Electric wire rope hoists hand chain hoists made in Russia

Offer type: salePublished: 06.02.2018
Price:10 RUR
Company:OOO "GRUZTAL'"
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Address:Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk Oblast
Hrustal - Russian company has been supplying reliable lifting equipment for General industrial and explosion-proof design for industry and construction: TALI HAND STATIONARY AND MOBILE TALI STATIONARY TRSCK, CRSSM, Trsp TALI STATIONARY Trsp (NI, PBI) TALI MOBILE Crsbp (NI, PBI, obsidium) TALI MOBILE TRAM/ CRSBM, TREK/ CRSBK TALI MOBILE TRCP (NI, PBI, obsidium) TALI MOBILE TRCS (NI, PBI, obsidium) TALI WITH A REDUCED CONSTRUCTION HEIGHT CATS WITH MANUAL TRANSMISSION ELECTRIC HOIST FIXED TALI ELECTRIC MOBILE HOOK SUSPENSION THE MOUNTING BLOCKS BM MANUAL WINCH rope DINA and DINA-2 MONTAZHNO-TRACTION MECHANISMS Mttmp Call, make an order sending to any region of Russia and CIS countries