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Vane pumps for lubricant 4M 2 C12; C12 4M 3,2; 6,3 4M C12; C12 and C12 4M 10 5M 2; C12 5M 3,2; 6,3 5M C12; C12 5M 10

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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Pumps lamellarfor lubrication4M 2 C12; C12 4M 3,2;C12 4M 6,3; C12 4M 10 5M 2 and C12; C12 5M 3,2; 6,3 5M C12; C12 5M 10single action, fixed used for pressure feed of mineral oil in the lubricating system metal-cutting machines and other machines.

    Pumps C12-4Mmade with a reversible direction of rotation shaft and the permanent direction of oil flow.

   Pumps C12-5Mhave a constant direction of rotation - right (direction of rotation clockwise, when viewed from the drive side).