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Rod floors GTmat

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2018
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Company:OOO 'Kaleo'
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Rod floors GTmat

This type of products appeared in the domestic market is relatively recent, but already managed to catch the fancy of consumers due to the high degree of reliability and efficiency. System GTmat refers to the intellectual "warm floors" for installation in tile adhesive or screed.

Currently analogues floors with rod structures in the world. System GTmat ensure uniform heating of the floor in those places where it is needed and reduces the heat under the furniture, appliances and so on.

The structure and composition of the kit

The heating components of the system are special elastic rods orange color, which is made of carbon framework of graphite, carbon and silver.

The width of the floor GTmat is 83 cm, the structure it more resembles an elastic Mat. Carbon fiber rods are arranged in parallel through each of 10 cm and connected in parallel by conductors (copper bus).

The kits that are offered for sale, the buyer will receive all the necessary elements for self-Assembly. This, in the first place, he rod floor, installation manual, VVG cable, corrugated tube and connecting sleeve to connect multiple mats into one and shrink wrapped for insulation.

Why choose GTmat

Operational characteristics of floor heating GTmat very impressive. Compared to cable systems there are several basic advantages of this type of floor heating, among which:

  • The lack of overheating in closed areas. In cases when you move the furniture into place with a heated, GTmat automatically reduces the power in this place. The lack of reference to the interior features of this floor type of flooring from traditional cable, which are installed in places where there is no furniture.
  • Low consumption of electricity. If you compare GTmat other types of heating, its electricity consumption is 25% less due to intelligent power control and the use of infrared heating.
  • Even if the damage is several rods will not lead to loss of functionality of the heating system GTmat. Parallel connection (as in elektrogirlyandy) will allow you to work the floor and then without sacrificing safety and durability. This confirms the high warranty on infrared warm floor GTmat, which is 20 years.
  • Infrared radiant energy emitted by flooring, is close to the spectrum of ordinary sunlight. It is completely safe for human health and Pets.

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