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Shipping FDB UF 100 multi-purpose console, horizontal, vertical milling machine for Metall Maschinen FRODEBU LF 100

Offer type: salePublished: 03.02.2018
Price:12 380 $ - internet-magazin stankov stanok
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

universal milling machine for metal FDB Maschinen UF100 intended for performance of various milling and drilling operations, and their wide range allows the most optimal choice to address a specific and long-term tasks with a high degree of mechanization of production processes. Milling machine FDB Maschinen UF100 high quality, accurate and productive.

The package FDB UF 100:

  • Control unit.
  • Feed system in X/Y/Z.
  • The system coolant.
  • Hand pump centralized lubrication system.
  • Halogen lamp.
  • Tool set for maintenance and tool box.
  • User manual.

Features of milling machine FDB Maschinen UF100:

  • A variety of applications
  • Heavy execution
  • Hard massive construction of high quality cast iron
  • Hardened guides-type “dovetail” wedge adjustable straps
  • Central lubrication system
  • Large flywheels readable limbs
  • Powerful machine lamp
  • The coolant system with built-in tank
  • Great opportunity at a good price
Power supply Frequency, Hz 50 Voltage, V 380 Power motor vertical spindle, 2.2 kW motor Power horizontal spindle drive, kW 2.2 Power of motor feed coolant kW 0.1 tool Parameters Maximum drilling diameter in cast iron, mm 22 Maximum drilling diameter in steel, mm 18 Max. diameter of end milling cutter, mm 85 Max diameter end mills, 16 mm End of spindle End of spindle ISO 40 quill travel, mm - Size trunk for the installation of disc cutter, mm 32 rpm Frequency of rotation of the vertical spindle, rpm 40x1600 Number of steps 11, the rotation speed of horizontal spindle, rpm 40x1600 Number of steps 11 Milling head swivel of vertical milling head 360 ° Tilting of milling head 360 ° Movement of Y-axis milling head, mm 630 clamping rod M16 Departure of the spindle axis, mm Distance spindle - table, 90-520 mm Automatic spindle feed, mm/R - Axis table table Size, mm 1120x260 axis travel X 600 mm axis travel Y, mm 270 Movement of Z axis, the Size of 430 mm, T-slot, 14 mm Distance between slots, mm 63 Number of slots 3 Maximum table load, kg 350 Automatic feed table, mm/min 24-402 Number of flow table 9 overall dimensions Length, mm Width 1655 mm Height 1325 mm 1730 Weight kg 1350

All machines have a warranty period of 1 year, provide services for warranty and post-warranty service.

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