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The GAOJING metal detector

Offer type: salePublished: 03.02.2018
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The GAOJING metal detector
Thanks to the experience Shanghai Gaojing in the field of design and production we provide businesses with detectors of different options, from simple designs to more complex, including full lines detection and removal of contaminants.
Applicable to the detection of inclusions in solid products and environments, such as meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, products, pharmacy, cosmetics, industry materials processing, etc.
Optimal solutions are designed for metal detection of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, magnetic and non-magnetic stainless steel for:
- Packed and unpacked(bulk) products;
- liquid and semi-liquid products;
- tablets, capsules in the pharmaceutical industry;
products in aluminum packaging, sausage aluminum clips, salty food.
- powder, granules, bulk solids in bulk;
- food: meat, fish, vegetables, etc.
- plastic, rubber, toy, garment industry.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to our customers and the end user for constant maintenance of the highest quality products and ensure her safety.
Our systems for the detection of metal contaminants will ensure the safety of the products.
This equipment is appreciated the audit, e.g. audit of quality management system ISO9001:2000, audit systems food safety management ISO22000:2005, audit of the buyer.
Shanghai Gaojing metal detectors are used at different stages of the production process:
1. Control of material during processing, for example, the inspection of meat, grain products before grinding:
1) the metal is removed before crushing into small particles;
2) prevents damage to equipment;
3) reduced costs, as the rejection occurs before the product
will gain added value.
2. Check the finished product:
1) eliminating the danger of subsequent ingress of contaminants;
2) guaranteed compliance with trading and consumer standards.
The new third-generation digital Shanghai Gaojing metal detector has:
- modern digital circuit + Internet control;
- a convenient price and full compliance with the comprehensive functionality of international advanced level;
Design features:
1. New color LCD touchscreen and colorful interface provide convenient operation, flexible means of making adjustments in accordance with different requirements.
2. Display function of the oscilloscope allows you to display the status of signals of products and metal inclusions more clearly and accurately
3. Scalable network interface, USB interface, remote management / diagnostics.
4. Advanced FPGA signal processing using multiple (high/ medium / low) frequency technology selects the appropriate frequency for contaminant detection in accordance with the inherent characteristics of the product.
5. Self-study (compensation function of the product), the detector will automatically gather information about products and recommend a suitable setting of the phase for different products, so the effect of the product was minimized to
ensure a secure detection efficiency.
6. Scalable system with high-level functions for expanding / obtaining /analyzing data
7. Complete statistical function. Save more than 100 product data in the line with different products.
8. Degree of protection IP66 (suitable for outdoor use).
9. The best detection ability for SUS316 stainless steel.
Developed automatic reject system for effective removal of contaminants from the line.

Shanghai Gaojing company was founded in 1998 in Shanghai and was a pioneer in the manufacture of metal detectors, x-ray inspection machines in China. Currently, the company has 45000 square meters of modern production, 150 employees, 30 of whom are scientific staff. Shanghai Gaojing invests in
average of 10 million yuan on new research technologies and projects each year, ensuring continuous improvement of technology and maintaining its leading position.

COMPANY SHANGHAI GAOJING AND IMEKS GROUP SERVICE WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH EXCELLENT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WITH YOU! For all questions regarding the selection of the optimal equipment detection and removal for Your products please contact us any convenient way:
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