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Towel warmer, radiator, towel radiator , buy radiator Terma Kiev Lena

Offer type: salePublished: 02.02.2018
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Electric heated towel rail Terma Lena – budget towel warmer, one of the variations on the classic ladder. Rectangular vertical collector and horizontal convex round jumper groups, regardless of model Terma Lena, in the group of four jumpers. Towel Terma Lena to buy and you can pick up in a bathroom of any size — Terma Lena is available in thirty sizes, from the smallest towel rail Terma Lena 660 x 436 mm up to a huge Terma Lena 1860 x 636 mm. Interesting and proportional models look Terma Lena 900 x 536 mm, Terma Lena 1140 x 486 mm, Terma Lena 1380 x 536 mm. If you want to install Terma Lena color that includes all colors RAL, including more than hundreds of colours and shades. Due to the combination of the design of the heater Terma Lena round and square section tubes — any of the selected control blocks, whether square or round KTX 4 MOA, perfectly complement him the towel.