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Drying complexes of aerodynamic type KC-1/300, KC-1/600 (300, 600 kg/h)

Offer type: sellPublished: 20.03.2019
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Address:Kharkiv, Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'


Pivnichna Korona+, LTD


13, Dostoevskogo Str., Kharkiv



Drying complexes of aerodynamic type (single-circuit) is intended  for drying of crushed raw materials (waste and residues of wood, sawdust, agricultural waste) in a stream of hot air.


Drying complex can be used both autonomously and as part of the production line for the production of fuel briquettes and pellets.



КС-1/300: 200-300 kg/h

КС-1/600: 500-600 kg/h


The moisture content of the raw materials: 6-12 %.


Content of the equipment



Screen sieve (calibrator) [1,5-10 m3/h, 2,05 kW]

Drying complex [2,2 kW]

Control cabinet            

Total installed power:  4,25 kW.



Screen sieve (calibrator) [1,5-10 m3/h, 2,05 kW]

Drying complex [5,5 кВт]

Control cabinet

Total installed power:  7,55 kW.


Requirements for raw materials

Required fraction, mm: up to 5

Required input moisture, %: up to 50


If the required moisture content of the raw material is exceeded at the inlet of 50%, a decrease in productivity is possible. And in this case, to obtain the required productivity, it is recommended to use a two-circuit aerodynamic type drying complex.


Also we offer drying complexes of drum type, on the basis of AVM-0,65 and AVM-1,5.



1.     The equipment is certified.

2.     Warranty term for the equipment - 12 months.

3.     Temperature control of the drying complex is provided by means of a temperature sensor for quickly set up and ensure efficient operation.

4.     Manufacurer provide scheme bricklaying of heat-generator.

5.     Fuel for the heat generator is a solid wood raw material.

6.     We paint the equipment in accordance with your wishes for color.

7.     The equipment is delivered in the form of the main units, which must be mounted in the field of operation.

8.     The piping elements have special notches for ease of installation.

9.     The cost of installation supervision and commissioning is discussed separately.



Training of personnel during commissioning and after-sales technical consultations are provided free of charge, are an integral part of long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, and serve as a guarantee of reliable, efficient and long-term operation of the equipment, i.e. successful implementation of your business project and the receipt of a stable profit.