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Hammer Mill MD-30/500 (500-900 kg/h)

Offer type: sellPublished: 20.03.2019
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Address:Kharkiv, Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'


Pivnichna Korona+, LTD


13, Dostoevskogo Str., Kharkiv

The Hammer Mill (crushing machine) MD-30/500 is designed for grinding of technological raw materials: waste and wood residues (chips, sawdust), agricultural wastes (straw, reeds, grapevine, nut shell, buckwheat husks, rice, millet, mustard, seed husks sunflower, etc.).


The Hammer Mill (crushing machine) can be used both autonomously and as part of a production line for the production of fuel briquettes.


Attention! The delivery set includes cyclone with support and duct.



- at humidity raw materials up to 20% - 900 kg/h

- at humidity raw materials up to 30% - 800 kg/h

- at humidity raw materials up to 50% - 700 kg/h

- at humidity raw materials up to 50% - 500 kg/h


Capacity of equipment varies depending on type, initial fraction and moisture content of raw materials, as well as on requirements for raw material fraction at outlet, i.e. diameter of the sieve holes.


Required diameter of sieve holes is selected in range of 6-20 mm, based on customer requirements. An additional sieve with a different hole size can be ordered as a separate option.


Requirements for incoming raw materials

1. Fraction (size of grading fraction) (no more than): 5x15x40 mm

2. Humidity, % - varies


Main technical data

1. Capacity (depends on moisture content of raw materials and the required fraction of raw material at the exit): 500-900 kg/h

2. Drive power: 30 kW

3. Rotary speed: 3700 rpm

4. Supply voltage of the three-phase current: 380 V

5. Size of Loading window: 325x115 mm

6. Fraction (size of grading fraction) of raw material at the exit (thickness/length): 0,5-1/2-4 mm

    fraction of needle-shaped raw materials (thickness/length): 0,5-1/5-10 mm

7. Dimensions (without fan and cyclone):

    length –  1400 mm

    width – 1000 mm

    height – 1200 mm

8. Net weigh, kg (no more than): 585 kg



1. The equipment is certified.

2. Warranty term for the equipment - 12 months.

3. Hammers are made of steel grade 65G.

4. During the operation of equipment, the hammers only wear out from one working side.

In case of wear of the working part of hammers, it is possible to turn them around by the other side and use it further in the work. To do this, on each hammer there are 2 holes for fastening. Hammers in process of work can be rotated three times, in order to alternately work all four working sides.

5. We carry out painting of equipment in accordance with your wishes for color.



Technical consultations are provided free of charge, are imprescriptible part of long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, and serve as a guarantee of reliable, effective and long-term operation of equipment, i.e., successful implementation of your business project and receipt you stable profit.