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Mini tractor Dongfeng-404D (Dongfeng-404D)

Offer type: продамPublished: 25.05.2019
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Address:Hlevakha, Kyiv Oblast', Ukraine
Delivery throughout Ukraine with documents for registration! Dongfeng-404 - a powerful four-wheel drive tractor with 4-cylinder diesel engine 40 HP, with low noise, vibration and fuel consumption. The versatility of the tractor is ensured by the optimal combination of power, size and wheel formula 4x4. Standard tractor Dongfeng-404, affecting maneuverability, maneuverability and performance are: • full hydraulic steering; • front cargo; • locking rear differential; • powerful linkage and tension spring longitudinal rods; • front and rear hitch; • two pump and gidroparo; • spacer for mounting front loader; • separate brake pedal and Parking brake; • demountable rear wheels; • 2-speed PTO; • glow plug. Power, HP (kW) 40 (29,4) Wheel formula 4x4, plug-front axle Diesel engine, ZN490BT Number of cylinders 4 Working volume, l 2,543 Specific fuel consumption, g/kWh 255 Cooling liquid Heating system power glow plug Transmission (4+1)x2, manual Transmission gear Steering power Grip dudikova Differential rear locking Brake rear drum The Parking brake is Dimensions D/W/h, mm 3460/1490/1650 2170 (for muffler) Wheelbase, mm 1818 Width front/rear axle, mm 1200/1100-1500 Ground clearance mm 405 Weight, kg 1550 Speed km/h 1,75-32,20 Tire size for 7.5-16/12,4-24 Tank volume, l 28 The PTO shaft, Rev/min 540/1000 Traction force on hook, kN of 7.86 The capacity of the sample, kg 665 The number of pairs of doors 1 The minimum turning radius 2.8 m Goods kg front 120 Additional equipment taillight On the website: