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buy compressor 2вм4-24/9 with storage, Boo, illiquid, spare parts

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2023
Company:OOO PKP 'Gazsel'stroj LTD'
Seller:Aleksandr Yur'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporizhia, Zaporiz'ka Oblast'
compressor 2ВМ4-24/9
air compressor 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
the compressor piston 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
compressor 2ВМ4 wrestling-24/9 NF4
compressor opposed 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
the compressor unit 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
the compressor is stationary 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
compressor crosshead 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
the low-pressure compressor 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
compressor 2 two-stage 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
compressor with lubrication of the cylinders 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
the compressor is water-cooled 2ВМ4-24/9 NF4
compressor compresses the air compressed 2ВМ4-24/9
compressor with drive from electric motor 2ВМ4-24/9
compressor compression compress air 2ВМ4-24/9
a compressor with an induction motor 2ВМ4-24/9
stationary piston compressor unit 2ВМ4-24/9
compressor with 2 x two speed motor 2ВМ4-24/9
compressor with horizontal cylinders 2ВМ4-24/9
opposed piston compressor with lubrication of the cylinders 2ВМ4-24/9
compressor with an inlet of lubrication oil into the cylinder from the lubricator 2ВМ4-24/9
2: double-row: number of rows of the database
In: air: compressible, compressible gas: atmospheric air
M: boxer: horizontal cylinders
4: the nominal piston force bases, TS
24: nominal capacity suction m3/min
9: end discharge pressure (absolute) kg/cm2
UHL: climatic version according to GOST 15150-69:
macroclimatic regions with moderate and cold climate
4: the category placement of the compressor in operation according to GOST 15150-69:
heated and ventilated room with a temperature below +10With
designed to create excess pressure and flow of compressed
compressed air as an energy source for other processes, and applies
in various industries