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Buy compressor 305ВП-30/8 with storage, Boo, illiquid

Offer type: buyPublished: 12.09.2023
Company:OOO PKP 'Gazsel'stroj LTD'
Seller:Aleksandr Yur'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
compressor 305ВП-30/8
compressor corner 305ВП-30/8 NF4
the compressor piston 305ВП-30/8 NF4
air compressor 305ВП-30/8 NF4
wrestling the compressor 305ВП-30/8 NF4
the compressor unit 305ВП-30/8 NF4
the compressor is stationary 305ВП-30/8 NF4
compressor crosshead 305ВП-30/8 NF4
Krasnodar compressor 305ВП-30/8 NF4
compressor two-stage 305ВП-30/8 NF4
the low-pressure compressor 305ВП-30/8 NF4
compressor General purpose 305ВП-30/8 NF4
compressor with lubrication of the cylinders 305ВП-30/8 NF4
the compressor is water-cooled 305ВП-30/8 NF4
compressor compression compress air 305ВП-30/8 NF4
piston air compressor General purpose 305ВП-30/8
the compressor with a supply of lubricant into the cylinders from the lubricator 305ВП-30/8
air compressor without a supply of grease into the stem seal 305ВП-30/8
crosshead piston stationary air compressor 305ВП-30/8
piston air compressor stationary installation internals 305ВП-30/8
piston compressor with rectangular location of cylinders 305ВП-30/8
piston air compressor stationary 305ВП-30/8 corner base 5P
air piston compressor with an asynchronous motor 305ВП-30/8
piston 2-stage compressible compressor compresses the air 305ВП-30/8
compressor with vertical and horizontal arrangement of cylinders 305ВП-30/8
compressor synchronous motor and a thyristor exciter 305ВП-30/8
compressor 305ВП-30/8 upgraded compressor model EP-30 5ВП-205ВП 30/8-30/8
3: sequence number modification
0: with lubrication of the cylinders, with a supply of lubricant into the cylinders from the lubricator
5: nominal piston force bases, TS
In: of compressible gas compressed: air
P: a rectangular arrangement of cylinders
30: nominal capacity suction m3/min
8: final discharge pressure, kgf/cm2
UHL: climatic version according to GOST 15150-69
4: placement category according to GOST 15150-69
designed to create excess pressure and flow of compressed compressed
air as energy source for other processes and is applied in different
complete delivery option (compressor unit):
the compressor, intake air filter, gas cooler refrigerator intermediate,
gas cooler refrigerator limit, control Cabinet, control Cabinet, drawer spare parts,
asynchronous motor or synchronous motor with thyristor exciter
safety valves on the steps, technical and operational documentation
manufacturer: MKZ Wrestler, Moscow compressor plant Wrestler
Compressor plant Wrestler Krasnodar Compressor plant KOSMA Krasnodar
delivery option: electric motor, gas cooler refrigerator end
delivery option: without motor, without gas cooler refrigerator end