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Vacuum circuit breaker BB/TEL.

Offer type: salePublished: 29.05.2017
Company:OOO 'Energomontazh'
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Address:Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk Oblast, Ulyanovsk
BB/TEL-10-12,5/630A Diagram 046-70200р BB/TEL-10-12,5/1000A Scheme 046-70200р BB/TEL-10-20/630A Diagram 047-70200р BB/TEL-10-20/1000A Scheme 047-70200р BB/TEL-10-20/630A Diagram 048-70200р BB/TEL-10-20/1000A Scheme 048-70200р BB/TEL-10-25/1600A Scheme 082-75600р BB/TEL-10-20/1600A Diagram 113-97200р Roll-out unit K-104 1000A IVU-sesh 10-20/1600A-81000р Roll-out unit K-63 630 IVU-sesh 10-20/1000A-57000р Roll-out unit K-63 1000A IVU-sesh 10-20/1000A-76700р Roll-out unit K-59 630 IVU-sesh 10-20/1000A-70200р The control unit cu\TEL-220-10У2-5400р The control unit BO\TEL 02-4320р Power supply unit BP\TEL-220-02A-6480р The control unit BU\TEL-220-05A-6480р The control unit cu\TEL-100/220-12-01A-9720р The control unit cu\TEL-100/220-12-03A-16200р PRICES INCLUDE VAT.