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Switch Electron Э06,Э16,Э25,Э40,APU.

Offer type: salePublished: 29.05.2017
Company:OOO 'Energomontazh'
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Address:Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk Oblast, Ulyanovsk
Э06С Stationary,manual drive 41400р Э06С Stationary motor drive-43680р Э06В IN the frame,hand operated, 45045р Э06В IN the frame,manual drive(storage)-38025р Э06В IN the frame,a motor drive 49770р Э06В IN the frame,a motor drive(storage)-40755р Э16В Retractable-124300р Э16В Drawers(storage)-115000р Э25С Stationary-120400р Э25С Stationary(storage)-108700р Э25В Retractable-132760р Э25В Drawers(storage)-120800р Э40В Retractable-284700р Э40В Drawers(storage)-234300р APU50 Stationary(storage)-45000r PRICES INCLUDE VAT.