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Switch ВА5135,5237,5735,5739,ВА08 up to 800A.

Offer type: salePublished: 25.05.2017
Company:OOO 'Energomontazh'
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Address:Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk Oblast, Ulyanovsk
Switch ВА5135,5237,5735,5739. ВА5135 340010 Stationary,manual drive 1928р ВА5237 340010 Stationary,manual drive-6000r ВА5735 340010 100A,150A,250A-2200r ВА57Ф35 340010 100A,150A,250A-2200r ВА5735 341830-100A,150A,250A the Stationary,electromagnetic drive 5200р ВА5739 340010 Stationary,manual drive-5500r Switch ВА08 up to 800A. ВА08 160A,250A,400A,630A Stationary manual drive 18120р ВА08 160A,250A,400A,630A Stationary electromagnetic drive 22820р ВА08 800A Stationary,manual drive 20200р ВА08 800A Stationary,electromagnetic drive 22900р PRICES INCLUDE VAT.