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The switch automatically VA 5243,5343,5543,5643.

Offer type: salePublished: 05.06.2017
Company:OOO 'Energomontazh'
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Address:Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk Oblast, Ulyanovsk
ВА5543,5343-1600A Stationary,manual drive 65400р ВА5543,5343-1600A Stationary,electromagnetic drive 69800р ВА5543,5343-1600A Sliding,manual drive 83700р ВА5543,5343-1600A Sliding,electromagnetic drive 89400р ВА5543,5343-2000A Stationary,manual drive 91700р ВА5543,5343-2000A Stationary,electromagnetic drive 95750р ВА5343,5543-KEAZ 1600A Stationary,manual drive 60700р ВА5343,5543-KEAZ 1600A Stationary,electromagnetic drive 64300р ВА5343,5543-KEAZ 2000A Stationary,manual drive 74700р ВА5343,5543-KEAZ 2000A Stationary,electromagnetic drive 79600р PRICES INCLUDE VAT.