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Cake mixes to prepare the filling, butter cream, custard

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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

Company "RIA GROUP" produces high-quality dry blends designed for easy preparation of thermostable fillings and creams used in the production of confectionery and bakery products with a unique taste and aroma. Mix creamy fillings are produced in the cold way;
The process of one-stage cooking creams;
The obtained thermostable cream is not absorbed into the dough when baking;
Is a great filling for muffins, choux pastries, cakes and delicious desserts;
The dosage of the mixture to obtain cream-350-450 grams per 1000 ml. of water.
The cream, derived from pastry mixes the company's RIA GROUP differ delicate flavor, a refined aroma and is presented in the following range: RIA cream Filing "Caramel" Art. 00169;
RIA cream Filing "Yourtel" Art. 00170;
RIA cream Filing "Apricot" Art. 00171;
RIA cream Filing "Cherry" Art. 00172;
RIA cream Filing "Lemon" Art. 00173;
RIA cream Filing "Peach" Art. 00174;
RIA cream Filing "Strawberry" Art. 00175;
RIA cream Filing "Chocolate" Art. 00176;
RIA cream Filing "Baked milk" Art. 00177;
RIA cream Filing "Banana" Art. 00178;
RIA cream Filing "Orange" Art. 00179;
RIA cream Filing "Almond" Art. 00180;
RIA cream Filing "Pistachio" Art. 00181;
RIA cream Filing "Crimson" Art. 00182;
RIA cream Filing "Kiwi" Art. 10010;
The mixture for the production of classic custard cream developed by our the company has a number of advantages: allows a mix to make a fragrant and thick cream without being "brewing" - added to the chilled purified water or milk, carefully stirred and after five or ten minutes the cream is ready to use.
Dosage is economical - no wastage of raw materials during the "brewing" - 1 liter liquid to solid consistency enough 350-4-grams of the mixture.
The custard cold is used as a standalone product for the decoration of confectionery products, fillings for cakes and bakery products, to make jams and fruit purees.
Custard thermostable, thus, is not absorbed into the product in the baking time fills the entire space inside the product, save its properties after thawing.
The cream mixes well with whipped cream, sour cream, margarine, cheese products.
Mixture for the custard is available in four product options: RIA cream Filing "Kremis" Art. 00167;
RIA cream Filing "Kremis light" Art. 00168;
RIA cream Filing "izi Kremiko S" Art. 00219;
RIA cream Filing "izi Kremiko M" Art. 00219;
Individual approach to each client, flexible system of discounts. Sending in all regions of the country. Full technological support for customers. time order fulfillment of small - and large-wholesale-order - 1-2 days