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Confectionery mixture for biscuits, RIA-MIX Americano

Offer type: salePublished: 14.02.2017
Price:48 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

Functional concentrated mixture for the production of butter biscuits the type of "Amerikaner". A feature of this popular cookie is: - plasticity;
surface with deep cracks across the product;
- crispy edges;
- smear the pulp on a break.
Products prepared with the use of the mixture for a long time remain fresh, soft and fragrant. Dosage: 4-8% -that will make your cakes even more cost-effective and the highest quality. We offer individual approach to each client. Full production support and maintenance of Vyshegorodtseva. The implementation of individual orders - develop mixes to suit Your production requirements. Range of mixes for making biscuits, including the type "Amerikaner", has the following positions: RIA Mix "Us Vanilla" Art. 00138;
RIA Mix "American Chocolate" Art. 00139;
RIA Mix of "American Cherry" Art. 00140;
RIA Mix of "American Pistachio" Art. 00141;
RIA Mix "Us Mint" Art. 00142;
RIA Mix "Toffee American" Art. 00143;
RIA Mix", Multigrain American" Art. 00144;
RIA Mix "Florentino" Art. 00153;
RIA Mix of "Dark Internet" Art. 00156;
RIA Mix "Tukimix Vanilla" Art. 00161;
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