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Confectionery mix for the production of muffins and cupcakes

Offer type: salePublished: 14.02.2017
Price:30 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

We offer a wide range of ready mixes for the production of cakes and muffins. The mixture is functional for the production of muffins and cupcakes cakes and bases for cakes. The formula provides: - a uniform porous structure of the product;
great upgrade;
- the peculiarity of the muffin – "undermining" of the top;
air melting in your mouth crumb;
- unique delicate fragrance;
- the extension of the expiry date of the product;
- long shelf life of the finished product.
Dosage:10 to 13% For fast and simple production of muffins in the range includes the following mix: • RIA Mix "Vanilla muffin" Item no.:00101;
• RIA Mix "muffin Baked milk" Art.:00102;
• RIA Mix "muffin Chocolate" Art.:00103;
• RIA Mix "muffin Strawberry" Art.:00104;
• RIA Mix "muffin Cherry" Art.:00105;
• RIA Mix "muffin Apricot" Art.:00106;
• RIA Mix "Blueberry muffin" Art.:00107;
• RIA Mix "muffin Currant" Art.:00108;
• RIA Mix "muffin Lemon" Art.:00109;
• RIA Mix "Minty muffin" Art.:00110;
• RIA Mix "muffin Pistachio" Art.:00111;
• RIA Mix "Raspberry muffin"Art.:00112;
• RIA Mix "muffin Banana" Art.:00113;
• RIA Mix "muffin Almond" Art.:00114;
• RIA Mix "muffin Caramel" Art.:00115
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