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Contactors CT, KTP, KPV, ctpv, efficiency, CTC, MC, km, kW, ABB, kV

Offer type: salePublished: 08.05.2019
Company:OOO 'KOEMZ'
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
COEMS sells:
Contactor CT 5022б 160A, 220/380V Contactor CT 5023б 160A, 220/380V.
6012б CT contactor 100A, 220/380V, CT 6013б 100A, 220/380V, CT 6022б 160A, 220/380V, CT 6023б 160A, 220/380V, CT 6032б 250a,
220/380V, CT 6033б 250a, 220/380V, CT 6042б 400A, 220/380V, CT 6043б 400A, 220/380V, CT 6052б 630a, 220/380V,
CT 6053б 630a, 220/380V, CT 6623б 160A, 220/380V, CT 6633Б 250a, 220/380V, CT 6643б 400A, 220/380V.
The KTP 6012б contactor 100A,110/220V, KTP 6013б 100A, 110/220V, KTP 6022б 160A, 110/220V, KTP 6023б 160A, 110/220V, KTP 6033б 250a, 110/220V, KTP 6043б 400A, 110/220V, KTP 6053б 630, 110/220V.
Ctpv 621 63A contactor, 110/220V, ktpv 622 100A, 110/220V, 160A ktpv 623,110/220V, ktpv 624 250a, 110/220V.
The contactor 602 CPV 100A, 110/220V, 160A CPW 603, 110/220V, KPV 604 250a, 110/220V, CMP 630 605, 110/220V.
The contactor Q1-160-2 160 -, 220/380V, KV1-160-3 160-a,
220/380V, KV1-250-2 250a, 220/380V, KV1-250-3 250a, 220/380V, KV1-400-2 400A, 220/380V, KV1-400-2 400A, 220/380V.
Contactor квт1,14-2,5/160 160A, 220/380V, квт1,14-2,5/250 250a, 220/380V, КВТ1,14-4/400 400A, 220/380V, КВТ1,14-5/630 630,
220/380V, квт1,14-6,3/1000 1000A, 220/380V.
Contactor MK1-10 40A 220V Contactor MK2-10 63A, 220V, MK1-20 40A, 220V, MK2-20 63A, 220V,
MK1-30 40A, 220V, MK2-30 63A, 220V, Contactor mk3-10, 100A, 220V, mk3-20 100A, 220V, Contactor MK4-10 160A, 220V, MK4-20 160A, 220V,
Contactor mk5-10 250a, 220V, mk5-20 250a, 220V,
Contactor мк6-20 400A, 220V, мк6-30 400A, 220V.
The efficiency of the contactor 121 10-25A, 110/220V, efficiency 121 63A, 110/220V.
Contactor KTP-121е 63A, 110/170/220/300/440V Contactor KTP-121е 80A, 110/170/220V.
Contactors KTK-1-10 Contactors KTK-1-20
Contactor km-100д-in, Contactor km-200д-in, Contactor km-400д-in, Contactor km-600д-V.
Contactor km-2343.
Contactor ABB Yeon 550.
The high frequency contactor type K-1221, 1511, 1521, 1531, 1621, 1631.
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