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Autotransformer (Latr) RNT-220-12 24/32A network 127/220V

Offer type: salePublished: 09.05.2019
Company:OOO "KOEMZ"
Seller:Popkov Mihail
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
COEMS sells: New! Autotransformer (Lattre) at a discounted price!
Autotransformer (Lattre) aosn-2-220-82.
Autotransformer (Lattre) aosn-4-220-82.
Autotransformer (Lattre) aosn-8-220-82.
Autotransformer (Lattre) aosn-9-220-82.
Autotransformer (Lattre) aosn-20-220-75UKHL4.
Autotransformer (Lattre) aosn-20-220-75У4 12/20A network 127/220V.
Autotransformer (Lattre) aosn-20-220 (Tehenergo).
Autotransformer (Latr) ATSN-8-200-75У4.
Autotransformer (Lattre) ATSN-8-200-75У4.
Autotransformer (Lattre) ATSN-16-220-75UKHL4.
Autotransformer (Lattre) ATSN-16-220-75У4 12/16A network 127/220V.
Autotransformer (Latr) ATMN-32-220-75UKHL4.
Autotransformer (Latr) ATMN-32-220-75У4 24/32A network 127/220V.
Autotransformer (Latr) OMN-40-220-75UKHL4.
Autotransformer (Latr) OMN-40-220-75У4 24/40A network 127/220V.
Autotransformer (Latr) AROS 0,5-250 (RNO-250-0,5 M) 2A.
Autotransformer (Lattre) RNO-250-0,5 M 2A.
Autotransformer (Lattre) RNO-250-2 8A.
Autotransformer (Lattre) RNO-250-2 9A.
Autotransformer (Lattre) RNO-250-5 12/20A network 127/220V.
Autotransformer (Lattre) RNO-250-10 25/40A network 127/220V.
Autotransformer (Latr) RNT-220-6 12/16A network 127/220V.
Autotransformer (Latr) RNT-220-12 24/32A network 127/220V.
Autotransformer Latr-1M 9A.
Autotransformer Latr-2M 2A.
Recessed adjustable autotransformers 2A ESS 102, ESS 104 4A, 20A 120 ESS GDR.
Autotransformers adjustable compact arm-1, arm-1, arm-2, arm-3, АРМ3А, АРМ3М, ELT-5, ELT-6, ELT-8.
Autotransformers APB-630, APB-1000 220-127-220.
Also selling transformers:
Current transformer measuring laboratory-54M AND-515M, UTT-5/UTT-5M, UTT-6M1/UTT-6M2.
Measuring the transformer voltage NOM-6, NOM-10.
Test transformer IOM-100/25.
Selenium rectifier 4M SV, SV 48-1, 24-9 ST, ST 24-3, 12-3 SV.
Selenium rectifier 40ГМ-24A, 75Е-Д16Г, 75ДД-28A, 100ED-4G, 100ГЕ-12А12, RS-310-40A-12V.
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