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Oak barrels, jugs, tubs

Offer type: salePublished: 18.02.2016
Price:435 UAH
Seller:Vasilenko Vitalij
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv

Oak the barrel improve the taste of the drink, making the bouquet more voluminous and multifaceted. Kvass, beer, wine, cognac in oak barrels remain alive, retaining all their useful properties and acquiring new ones. This is due to oxygen the gas exchange through the pores of oak wood.

When the production of barrels used crushed oak. Hoops made of black or stainless metal.

Barrels (3 to 500 liters) equipped with a stand made of oak, and oak crane tube.

Also we manufacture tubs for pickles, jugs, buckets, fonts, gang, supernice, tub.